Since 2010 I have had a regular teaching obligation of at least two to four courses per year. I taught courses, seminars, and lectures in German, English and Danish for both Bachelor and Master students at four universities in three European countries — Germany, Switzerland, and Denmark. My teaching covers various topics based on my research focus, ranging from particular seminars to comprehensive lectures. The main issues were race and ethnicity, attitudes towards immigrants from a comparative perspective, cultural foundations of economic and political behaviour, general societal challenges of disadvantaged groups, and methodological issues.

I supervised around 30 master’s theses at the University of Copenhagen.

Here you can find my teaching portfolio

Courses at the University of Copenhagen

  • The Psychology of Politics (syllabus)
  • Forced and unforced immigration (syllabus)
  • Passionate Politics (syllabus)
  • The Politics of Immigration
  • The Political Legacies of War and Conflict
  • Methods 1, Methods 2, Methods 3- single lectures within the methods teaching. Course coordinator since Fall 2020.

Courses at the University of Southern Denmark

  • Political Psychology
  • Ethnic and Gender Discrimination in European Societies

Courses at the University of Bern

  • Aspects of Political Psychology
  • Attitudes towards Immigrants in International Comparison
  • Politics of Immigration: Multiculturalism, Transnationalism, and National Identity
  • Political and Cultural Values in Switzerland
  • Attitudes Towards Immigrants and Immigration in Switzerland
  • Political and Cultural Foundations of Economy
  • Politics, Culture, and Economy
  • Research Design in Comparative Politics
  • Immigrants in Switzerland
  • Preparation and Assistance for the “Ringvorlesung” Course of Lectures of all Department Professors

Courses at the University of Konstanz

  • Empirical Tolerance Research
  • Diversity, Trust, and Tolerance — New Challenges for Modern Civil Societies?
  • Introduction to Political Sociology
  • Teaching assistant for the lecture Comparative Politics
  • Teaching assistant for Introduction to Data Analysis with R